TRASHPLAST Plastics made from 100% trash*

A new material is born! 100% made from “TRASH” in its natural deep Grey color that without any added pigment is the outcome of the millions of incorporated colors of our trash.


*ECO-oh! daily transforms 30% of the Belgian waste/garbage into useful raw materials. The TRASHPLAST typology was specially developed by ECO-oh! to be transformed with the ECOPIXEL technology.

The Belgian ECO-Oh! known for its memorable efforts in waste-recycling already resulting a range of interesting new “raw” materials now gathered its visions to those of ECOPIXEL, an Italian product manufacturer specialized specifically in PE-recycling. The collaboration has led quickly to a brand new material that combines the qualities of both innovators that will soon be available to designers and brands for their designs and ideas.

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TRASHPLAST is vailable for designers & brands to develop their own ideas and products, customized to their specific models & designs. Trash-plats is a deep “interesting” dark Grey colored thermoplastic, slightly soft to the touch, but rather rigid in structure. Trash-plast is a recyclable substance, made from 100% waste.