Pure material

ECOPIXEL is composed of 100% LDPE (Low-Density PolyEthylene)

A truly recycle cycle

Can be recycled over and over again, maintaining its material characteristics.

Recognizable appearance

ECOPIXEL appears in different faces, even though available in unlimited combinations.

Each product is unique - unrepeatable

Each product that is made of ECOPIXEL is unique, despite is a MASS PRODUCTION, because the pixels melt together randomly in the production process.

ecopixel is inherent

Is even intoxic and can therefor be used in contact with even food. ECOPIXEL does not harm nature.

Can be customized

For your product you can create your combination of color, the size and shape of the pixels. They can differ in every product.

Delta stools

Please notice that the colors that are shown in the photos are not standard, the tonalities depend on the colors of recycled material that are available at the moment in the factory.

Chaise Longue “ALEX” by Atelier Mendini

Alessandro Mendini / Atelier Mendini : “King of pixelized design” has specially designed a Chaise Longue in the occasion to launch the ECOPIXEL material. This iconic product wants to be “A pièce unique for the big public” and was designed on an only 2-week notice.

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