Made to 100% in ecopixel material

"ALEX" is 100% recycled and recyclable, so waste is not produced at all and resources remain in the cycle.

Open Skin

Highly innovating “open skin” version of ecopixel, that leaves spaces in-between the material creating a lightweight structure. The texture is so formed in order to have gaps, such as a net, allowing the water to slide through it, in the case of the outdoors chaise longue.


Mendini - "King of pixelated design"

Ecopixel allows transforming the variety of waste into a "Pointillism" work. "The remarkable technical constraints from ecopixel have been the occasion of a strong expressiveness of the texture of this seat, because they have given rise to whole new multi-colored pixels". A. Mendini

"Alex" my chaise longue looking at Impressionism "

"A chaise longue that placed outdoors, in the garden or by the pool, camouflages with the green and the flowers in an impressionistic way" Alessandro Mendini

Structure in design

The shape derives from the combination of polygonal plane surfaces, with live edge lines. Thanks to ecopixel, this new way to produce rotationally allows the shape faced as a bushy origami instead of the classic boringly rounded surface of this industrial production method.


Already from his first public appearances (from the beginning with the concept, sketches and prototype), Chaise longue "Alex", has been published by the most important design magazines in the world

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Chaise Longue “ALEX” by Atelier Mendini

Alessandro Mendini / Atelier Mendini : “King of pixelized design” has specially designed a Chaise Longue in the occasion to launch the ECOPIXEL material. This iconic product wants to be “A pièce unique for the big public” and was designed on an only 2-week notice.

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