ECOPIXEL is a recycled, recyclable, circular, sustainable plastic material that melts at minimum temperatures so to have the minimum ecological impact also during its transformation.

ECOPIXEL is a recycled mono-polymer plastic typology, made from 100% shredded waste material. The material is usually made with industrial waste material but is also with collected material from any other field including household-waste. ECOPIXEL collects, separates, chips into pieces and re-transforms into products, what others throw away.

Recycling a mono-polymer means the material can be melted and re-melted an infinite number of times resulting in a forever circular material. As long as a material stays “clean” (read mono-polymer) it can be transformed at the exact temperature of the polymer involved and so, the material will never “burn” and deteriorate. Keeping polymers separate is thinking also about what happens after the recycled cycle. With ECOPIXEL, after you, someone else will be able to recycle what you have recycled, and so never again new extraction of raw materials will be needed.

With the innovative pressurized ECOPIXEL technology, during its melting process, the shredded material is pressed against the walls of a hollow tooling (very much like how to occur in a blow molding process) with an ingenious system of over-pressure inside the product. The internal pressure keeps the material “as a blown up shape” pressed inside the tooling towards the sides until the object is fully cooled down and until achieved its own structural solid state.
The maximum object's size is in between a round shape of 180cm with a height of 40cm.

We start with pre-shaped shreds of about 5mm in diameter and do not melt the material until its ultimate liquid state. Therefore the color-pigments don't mix which gives ECOPIXEL the typical pixelated appearance. On request, and in certain quantities, it is possible to apply different sizes or shapes of pixels, creating this way an even more original appearance.

We work with the catch of the day materials, so to speak, gathered from the waste of others. That means we do not always have the same colors available. From experience, we know that white/black/grey/brown and neutral are very often available but other colors may not. Check our website for currently available colors.

Customized solutions can be created in any size, shape, style, and color. Resulting in a continuous surface, eliminating rims that trap dirt and water, minimizing cleaning and maintenance.

ECOPIXEL is the perfect material for outdoor and bathroom use as it doesn’t absorb. Ecopixel is suitable for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR situations: It resists temperatures from -10°C to +50°C does not fade and does not fear humidity.
For further information download ECOPIXEL data-sheet

In a world where designers are choosing from RAL and PANTONE colors, suddenly, we are forced to limit our creativity to the colors that are found in our trash!. We are actually living in a world where new trends will probably follow the availability of pigments as how they show up in recycled waste rather than as in any deliberate choice.
At ECOPIXEL, before shredding the RAW waste material that we recycle, we carefully divide the colors that come in and by remixing these ingredients so far we have created more than a staggering 50 new pixelated colors. Following the vibrant needs of our clients and simply letting us be inspired by the wonderful world of the "color waste" ECOPIXEL is creating new melanges every day. However, we realize more and more that we depend on an unpredictable supply chain called "trash".

More than 80% of the available waste is BLACK. This created a new challenge resulting in a whole new range of colors, all based on black. Apart from a variety of new colors that came out, a most beautiful effect result from the research to obtain our BLEU DE GASCOGNE / grey-black mixture, in which we manage to obtain a 70% visible color appearance with less than 10% of the needed pigments.