STOOL 75cm, STOOL 50cm & VASE

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Ecopixel is a new method for recycling plastics; is composed of 100% Low-Density Poly Ethylene (LDPE) that melts at 120°C and can, therefore, be re-melted an infinite number of times without altering its properties. Because of this low melting-point also the ecological impact during its transformation is inferior to many other plastics. As it melts in different shapes and colors, not mixing the pigments of the “raw” waste-material, it shows an easily recognizable pixelated appearance. ECOPIXEL is a 100% made in Italy production.

Every DELTA becomes an unique piece because the pixels melt together randomly in the production process. Please notice that the colors that are shown in the photos are not standard, the tonalities depend on the colors of recycled material that are available at the moment in the factory.