PLASTICS waste = RAW material
Recycle Awareness Project

During the awareness process on how to reuse plastic waste at our hometown school for years we have our kids collect bottle taps. They never knew what has always happened with these taps, and so we thought it could be educating addressing the “taps” to a project that could actually come back to the school, to show the kids what can really be done with waste, rather than collecting without ever knowing what happens with it.

Since the school needed new washbasins ECOPIXEL was asked if the taps could become washbasins? After a few prototypes (and drawings we made with the kids) ECOPIXEL managed to create new washbasins made from the plastic waste the kids collected themselves. As a result the kid-students now collect taps and other plastic waste with much more pleasure and purpose than ever before.

Talking to the schools around we immediately found other 3 schools that want to join the initiative and so we believe it may be interesting for many other schools to join as well. The project will hopefully help to promote the initiative and so be of inspiration to all the schools in Italy and may be even beyond?

Now ECOPIXEL, thanks to the waste bottle caps recycled from local schools and organizations, we have material to produce other products for different companies.