Pigmented Waste Recycled Plastic

Giving specific colors to plastic waste materials.


ECOPIXEL is specialized in customized plastic productions from multicolor recycled/circular plastic materials.
Thanks to the fact that since 2022 ECOPIXEL is able to “pigment” its raw waste materials a whole new generation of possibilities has opened. In fact, with this new, vast color palette ECOPIXEL gives birth to the incredible possibility to create accurate colored plastic waste.


5 main colors are the base of this pallette.
From the mixture of these 5 colors, a total of 45 colors have been chosen to offer a wide range of possibilities. Ask for the complete ECOPIXEL ENCANTO COLOR PALETTE.

ECOPIXEL’s pigmented waste series gave the ability to create color defined designs. With ECOPIXEL creating a version of each color in its distinctive terrazzo texture, the final image results with a magnificent air of detailed perfection.

ECOPIXEL colors are suitable for OUTDOOR situations, it resists temperatures fromm -10oC to + 60oC, does not fade , does not fear humidity. The material doesn’t absorb, as this will not lead to microbial growth and contamination.